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We had the interview with the founder of the Mongolian Intellectual Academy, International Judge of Intellectual Sport, Mr. Khatanbaatar Kh. about how he spreads intellectual sports in Mongolia and about the success of his students, who are world champions. He is going to present a mobile application in the United States, which can be used in ten different languages.

We present you an interview with Mr. Khatanbaatar, who confidently says "Our efforts will not only determine the degree of intellectual ability of Mongolian children, but also increase the intellectual ability of children all over the world".

The Mongolian Intellectual Academy organized more than 90 events and competitions in Mongolia, and more than 10,800 children and adults participated in these events. From the 51 international competitions, the Mongolian athletes won 867 medals. In some types of intellectual sports, our athletes lead the world. For example: Records for memorizing in 18 kinds were set by our athletes. 8 of them are in the age category of adults, 14 among teenagers, 7 among children. In the Guinness book our three athletes has been registered.

- You are a lawyer by profession. But why do you devote yourself to intellectual sport?

- The creation of the Mongolian Intellectual Academy is inextricably linked with my studies in Turkey by law. I graduated from the University of Gazia in Ankara, Turkey. At that time, textbooks and reading materials were thick, multi-page. Once I saw on TV how the German intellectual sportsmen memorized a lot of information, phone numbers, faces and names of people, and spoke back without common mistakes, which surprised me. And I thought that if I had the same memory, I would study the lessons without much zeal, read and remember thick books and would not be afraid of exams. But at the end of the television program the presenter said two sentences, which completely changed my opinion. "This is a technique. If you dedicate yourself to learning this technique, you can also master the quick-remember technique," the program presenter said. After these words, I began to search in the the internet for news and information, studied books and visited circles. In general, I attended classes in four different countries. The happiest case was that my first teacher lived and worked in the city of Ankara. A meeting with a teacher who was the 1994 world champion laid the foundation for my success. He inspired me. That was in 2006. And in 2008 I took part in the competition for the first time.

- If you recall the first competition, the first award. What influenced you to create the Mongolian Intellectual Academy?

- According to the advice of classmates for the first time I took part in the competition. Because since 2006, the technique I have learned to memorize really helped me in my studies and in life. And I was famous among fellow students. Thus, in 2008 I took part in the Cup of Turkey for quick reading, solving in mind and quick memorization. I won the silver medal, which was the reason for the creation of this academy. If I did not win a medal from that competition, I would not develop these abilities in myself. Because at that time I had a goal to become a good and successful lawyer. The following year I won 13 medals at international competitions. I was also registered as the first intellectual athlete of Mongolia who took part in an intellectual competition in fast reading, solving in mind and memorizing. Therefore, having decided that this success should not be limited by me, many Mongolian athletes should participate in these competitions, I published my first book in the same year. And I began to present this sport in every province of the country, began to lecture. And in 2010 I founded the Mongolian Intellectual Academy.

- We probably also have a good memory. But it seems that intellectual sport gives in to a particularly gifted one. When did this sport start to develop on a global level?

 - The kinds of intellectual sports that we have been spreading in Mongolia in recent years are still quite young compared to chess and checkers, which have a long history. Intellectual sport has been actively developing since 1991 and is a relatively "young sport". Most importantly, our academy has chosen five types of intellectual sports that help in the life and work of each person, and we conduct classes in these five areas. On the one hand, it is a sport, on the other hand - a need. For example, the skills of fast reading, memorizing a large amount of information, the development of creative thinking in the 21st century are in demand for each person. Depending on how well the student has the skills, we decide whether to prepare him for international competitions. Also, other related courses are successfully taught by us. The introduction of new sports in Mongolia and the training of world-class intellectual athletes was the goal of one person. And today, thanks to our skillful colleagues, we are successfully taking part in international competitions. Most importantly, if one has mastered the right technique, he will also try to do it himself, then he can quickly memorize and think quickly.

- What advice would you give to people who want to develop themselves and their children?

- Try it. Maybe you and your children will reveal the hidden talents (laughs). Most importantly, you need to learn the proper technique and use it in everyday life. With the development of methods, more and more you will want to learn a new technique. Also, you will begin to use these methods at work and in life. For example, the material that you previously read and memorized for an hour, then you will read and memorize it in 15 minutes. What are the useful sides of memorizing poems and words of songs, telephone numbers. Think about it. Therefore, I advise you to start now. You can also watch videos for beginners on the Facebook page of our academy.

- What do you think is success?

- I believe that success is not measured by money, but measured by how many positive changes you made in someone else's life. Therefore, I enjoy when I see that in front of my eyes, these hundreds of guys are changing in a positive direction and do not miss the opportunity.

- Please tell us briefly about the achievements of the athletes of the Mongolian Intellectual Academy.

- To date, our athletes have taken part in 51 international competitions and 30 athletes set world records, 3 - Guinness records, won 72 cups, 867 medals. 39 athletes received the title of Master of Sports of international class. Also, the "Memoraid" intellectual Olympiad, which is held every four years, from our athletes was born the Olympic champion, and also born twice Asian Champion, World Champion among adults, Champion among juniors, Champion among children. We have received all kinds of possible awards from international competitions.

- Recently, I read the news that Mongolia is lagging behind world development in some industries, but takes the leading position in intellectual ability, and will soon become the absolute leader... To be honest, Mongolia, which until recently was called "Chingiss Khan's Mongolia", you and your students were able to make "IQ Mongolia". Do foreigners ask you for the reason why the Mongols differ in their intellectual mind?

- Yes, of course they ask and wonder. Because after five months of learning the technology of rapid memorization, children set world records. And this, of course, causes their interest. And sometimes it is even obvious that we are suspected, maybe we deceived them. There are cases when the judge asked the athletes to perform tasks several times. And when our students, in spite of these suspicions, successfully complete the tasks, they admire and say one phrase: "IT IS JUST A MIRACLE!" But to achieve this miracle is important the role of several factors. First, I agree that the Mongolian IQ is high. Since the 1990s, international research organizations have repeatedly considered the IQ of countries of the world, but each time included Mongolia in the top ten. Which is one of the evidence. Secondly, it can be seen that our program is mastered very well for the Mongols. Third, discipline. Discipline is the right habit. Once a person has set the task to engage in an intellectual sport, he must be disciplined. If it is easy to explain, then DO NOT DO TOO MUCH, DO NOT DO TOO LITLLE, just DO EVERY DAY. I tell athletes to follow this principle. Fourth, under special music, the brain is transformed into alpha waves and engaged. Also, the ability and skills of teachers are great.

- Have you implemented the skills you learned from the first teacher in Mongolia? What program did you develop for Mongolian athletes?

- Technique training athletes is very different from the one on which I studied. In the past two years, journalists from Canada, Germany, Japan, and China came to learn the secrets of the success of Mongolian intellectual athletes. This year even more foreign journalists came. Although the technique of this sport is the same all over the world, the most important thing is the correct implementation of it in the respective country. Therefore, many are trying to develop a program based on research and experience. Countries compete precisely for this ability. And the competition is evaluated by international competitions. Therefore, we devote more time to the development of technology. Our techniques and principles are the same with the techniques and principles of other countries, but we also add features of our country, our athletes. And based on the results of international competitions, we conduct analyzes and complement our program. For example, for compiling a program for a course on memorizing numbers, I sat for two whole months. But I teach this technique for 10 minutes. Our children at the world level are breaking world records in memorizing numbers, which indicates the success of the adaptation of methods and techniques in our environment. And another aspect that attracts the attention of foreign specialists is our plan to integrate the methodology of intellectual sports with the program of general education schools. That is, we are working on adapting the methodology of intellectual sport to the school curriculum, as a result of which students will be able to quickly memorize educational material. According to the traditional method, primary school students spend a lot of time to understand the equation. Then I can tell them for half an hour. I teach my students the multiplication table in just five hours. Thus, we are working on the possibility of students quickly mastering the school program. All this work attracts the attention of other countries.

- Then you can determine that your long-term goal is to introduce changes in the educational system of Mongolia?

- In the future I want to contribute to the reform of the educational system of Mongolia. Therefore, I created a laboratory school and kindergarten and successfully develop their activities. These programs have advantages: they do not make children tired. The two hemispheres of the brain work simultaneously, so the child becomes plodding, concentrates and begins to look at things from a different perspective. I want to mention one example: our first-graders learned to read for 18 days and now they perform arithmetic operations with thousands of numbers. Our children are preparing for international competitions, which will be held March 24-25. Along with this, we do not abandon the upbringing of children and follow educational standards.

- Do you receive job offers from abroad that promise economic freedom?

- There have been such proposals. Now, just, time to concentrate on the development of the country, so I refuse to go for a long period of time. And to give lectures and conduct short programs, I traveled to many countries. I also received an offer from two, three international organizations to cooperate remotely. For example, the Indian School, which has 300 branches in more than 10 countries of the world, two million students, suggested that they want to implement our program. The first meeting was a success. If this project becomes successful, it will become a big economic engine for implementing a large project in Mongolia. I think that now Mongolia needs me most of all than to travel and work abroad for a long time (laughs).

 - It was an answer I heard with pride. Thank you for putting your value in the first place, no matter who promises what. Do you have a technique that you believe that no one except the Mongols will understand?

- Thank you. There is no such technique. But the main difference and advantage of our colleagues is the development of programs on any topic, how difficult it was not.

- What project are you working on now?

- This year we started several new projects. For example, we are developing integrated software for quick reading, a mobile educational application. We are developing this application in 6-10 languages and plan to present it in the United States. Our diligence will not only determine the intellectual ability of Mongolian children, but also invest in the development of the intellectual ability of children around the world. We also plan to open branches in all provinces of the country and transfer our program on the basis of franchising to more than 10 countries of the world.

- Well done. Congratulations. Your academy has opened a kindergarten and primary school. And how does the Government of Mongolia, politicians take your initiative to implement the program you have developed in the general education program?

- At the moment we have not presented our initiative at the state level. We pay attention to the introduction of this program in the kindergarten "Iveel's Friends" and the elementary school "Root" at the Mongolian Intellectual Academy. We have chosen to our school not the best children, but children with different temperaments. If we successfully carry out our experience, we can present our program at the state level. Today 24 students of our school are constantly invited to events organized by educational organizations and show their abilities, for which I am pleased.

- You show and prove that the Mongols will be able to export their intellectual potential. Your children are also engaged in intellectual sports since childhood. Parents who read your interview also want their children to be smart. What do you advise them?

- Raising a child is the result of the joint work of parents and teachers. Therefore, do not rely on the teacher and the school completely. I ask you to devote some time to your child every day. Thus, the child is changing for the better, which was proved by my own example. I have three children. The third is quite small. Therefore, I try to give the two eldest 15 minutes each evening. During this short time, I talk with the children, explain the meaning of new words in order to expand their vocabulary, do tasks for improving memory and solving skills in the mind. I want to note that my youngest daughter, at 2 years and 5 months, called all the flags of the countries and became a star of social networks, for which she was invited to participate in a Russian television program. In three years she learned how to add and subtract four-digit numbers, as well as multiply and divide them. To teach all this, you need to explain interesting. We are preparing little by little to take part in the show of foreign television this fall. I believe that this is not only the result of the work of the teacher, but also of the parents.

- As a young leader, how often do you take part in public affairs? What is your future goal?

- Today, in society, along with the beautiful side, there is also a dark side. From everyday urban culture to family divorce, alcoholism, unemployment, youth and children commit crimes. This list will continue. I believe that the educational system can not prepare citizens. The upbringing and ethics of children and young people is a tremendous national wealth compared to material wealth. In order not to educate such citizens in the future, through the basic education we will help to incite the desire to work, the dream and perseverance. There is no other way out. There was an urgent need to change the thinking and attitude of people. Although I am a lawyer by profession, but since I have been working in the field of education for many years, I want to contribute to the cause of public education.

- Please tell us about your first teacher who led you to this sport. How do your friends rate your progress and achievements?

- My teacher, Malik Safi Duyar, world champion in 1994, is solely the person who inspired me, which caused my interest in intellectual sports. I learned a lot from him. We still keep in touch. I imitate the hard work of this person who created the Olympic Committee of Intellectual Sport. I also attended various seminars in Britain, Germany, USA and other countries, I studied with different teachers. They inspired me. Friends on this sport are now engaged in the development of this sport in their countries, some have become scientists in the study of the human brain, others are leading experts in their profiles. They rate me as a hardworking person (laughs).

- Does intellectual sport make you tired?

- The brain is not a muscle. Therefore, there is no reason for fatigue. It works within 24 hours. The feeling of fatigue is associated with the self-organization of the person. If a person sleeps well and eats, constantly performs intellectual and physical exercises, then he does not get tired. I talk about this to the students too. Before the international competition, our students memorize a lot of data 12-16 hours a day, do memorization exercises. And this may seem stranger, as an excess load. But, in fact, no. When information is perceived in an interesting form, then this action is a pleasure to man. Occupation by this sport makes the intermediate brain work. Therefore, a person does not feel tired and feeling tired.

- Our interview will be published in the magazine Mongolian Women. Therefore, I want to clarify whether the intellectual ability of women and men is different?

- Intellectual ability cannot be distinguished by gender. He who tries can achieve success. But I want to note that more than 70% of our athletes who took part in the World Championship last year were women. Also, three athletes broke Guinness records. From this it is clear that women-athletes tried and worked harder.

- Please tell us how you met your wife. What place does a woman take in your life?

- I first saw her when I came to give a lecture for masters in a higher educational institution. Then when I met her, I immediately said that she would be my wife. I tried to win her heart, cared for her, and soon we began to live together. My wife is a strong woman who is my strong support. There is a phrase: "There is a strong woman behind every successful man." I agree with this phrase. I consider myself quite successful. I am very grateful to my wife for the fact that she gets along with all family issues and provides an opportunity to calmly work, she inspires me.

Thank you for the interview.

Journalist, Editor Shurentsetseg Yu.


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