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МЭХ-ны Баян-Өлгий аймаг дахь салбар зөвлөл 
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Mongolian Women’s Federation
2019 оны 09 сарын 06
НҮБ-ын Анна-Карин Жатфорс зочин илтгэгчээр оролцож, үг хэлнэ
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The Mongolian Women’s Federationon on the occasion of the 95th anniversary publishes a series of articles devoted to the blessed memory of the leaders of our federation, who were role models for women and girls of the time, who were at the forefront of society. This time we have prepared article about the third chairwoman of  the Mongolian Women’s Federation Udval Sonom, who lead this organization for 25 years.

Her genius and glory have been immortalized in the twentieth century among the Mongolian people, and  imprinted in the memory of childhood of our generation. Life, struggle, aspiration, education and knowledge of Mrs. Udval S. Is rising in the far like a brightly glowing peak, which today not every man can achieve.

Honored Worker of Culture of Mongolia Oyun S. said : “ The top of the mountain is visible well, the more you move away from it”.  the Political Bureau, the Chairmen of the National Congress was a mistake. The time will come when our children  will see it ”. She described the Great Writer, a sensible leader, a representative of the aristocracy of Mongolia Udval S., as “a mountain peak glowing in the distance”, and said that such leaders would not be born in the near future who would reach that height. She also reminded that no one have no right to criticize the work and life of Mrs. Udval S.

In many books and print publications published about the childhood of Udval S., her biography. So we want to keep you, the readers, in those years, when the leader Udval S. proudly represented Mongolian women’s organizations at the international arena and was famous for its finest minds.

In her memorandum Mrs. Doljin T., who worked for 16 years as the Editor-in-Chief of the Mongolian Women magazine, stated: “ After the death of the leader Yanjmaa /January 1, 1962/ Mrs. Udval S. was elected as the head of the Mongolian Women’s Committee. The party leadership believed her and handed a great responsibility to lead this organization. After taking up this position, she convened a congress of the Presidents of the Central Council of Women ”. Also, Mrs. Doljin recalls that at this congress, Mrs. Udval S. made a speech: “Yanjmaa, the wife of the great leader Sukhbaatar D., initiated a women’s movement in Mongolia, did a lot of work to eliminate the disadvantages of women, to  train  women and ensure women’s participation in social life. We have today adopted a great organization that she led. Carrying out this responsibility, satisfying the interests of mongolian women and people, of course, a difficult task. In carrying out our work, we must remember this at every step”. On the basis of industrial and agricultural enterprises, she created the Cultural Halls, and organized work to introduce culture into life, teach women to learn to cook a variety of bakery products, set the table, give basic knowledge on caring for a newborn child, and teach women to care for themselves.

In the 1960–1970s  agricultural enterprises , in terms of structure and organization , became stronger and began to have their own budget . In these agricultural enterprises built a room for the rest of women. And in these rooms they placed sewing machines, irons, yarn, scissors, and also appointed cookers. This initiative was aimed at women and children. The heads of agricultural enterprises, who supported this initiative, encouraged the leaders of the women’s organization.

Today the trend of talking about gender equality has spread among women and girls. Let’s consider how this issue was solved by Mrs. Udval S. She played a major role in approving the Resolution of the Central Party Committee on the appointment of women to the post of Deputy Ministers, deputy leaders of the Mongolian Revolutionary Union of Youth, the Mongolian labor union.

There are notes that she learned writing at home at seven and began working as a scribe. In the second and third primary school of the city of Ulan Bator, she studied for one year. In 1941 she entered the Party Institute of New Forces, in 1942 went to study at the Institute of Eastern Studies. But in 1944, war broke out in the Soviet Union, so she did not go back to study. And she entered the former Party Institute of New Forces and graduated in a year. In 1957 she entered the Institute of the Communist Party of the USSR and in 1960 graduated with honors.

Writer, journalist Nominchimed B. wrote about her: “The only woman who led the Mongolian Writers’ Union, as well as the woman leader who was awarded the Order of Sukhbaatar. When I remember, there are not enough words and thoughts to describe Mrs. Udval S. The only person from Mongolia who received the “LOTUS” award in the competition of writers of Asia and Africa is Udval Sonom ... She was elected as a deputy in more than 10 congresses in a row, she took part in the public administration for over 40 years, worked as the President of the National Convention for 22 years. There are no more options than to call her “the great woman who conquered time” ...

Udval S. led the Mongolian women’s organization in 1949-1954, 1962-1982, for 25 years. When she led this organization, she was not only an aristocrat of Mongolia, the leader of Mongolia. In 1975, she sat on the front row in the World Women’s Congress , managed the session of this Congress. And when it was necessary to resolve the disagreements that had arisen, the President of the International Association of Democratic Women, Mrs. Frida Brown, repeatedly recommended Mrs. Udval S. Her son, Unubaatar B., says that under the rule of Mrs. Udval S. Mongolian women’s organization shared experience of Mongolia and its organization to other countries of the world. He says: “When the Laos and Vietnam have raised the question how to socialize the women after the war, at that time Mongolia was already a socialist country. Therefore, these countries studied the experience of the Mongolian women’s organization. The Japanese, Koreans, Cambodians, who survived the war, learned from Mongolian women. My mother said that the correction of the psychology of women who were in special camps to serve the American military during the war years, as well as their socialization, was one of the most difficult issues. She said that women and girls from countries that survived the war face many difficulties”.

This is proof that the Mongolian women’s organization thanks to a highly educated and wise leader in those early years, supported and developed international relations, shared its experience not only among Asian countries, but throughout the world .

The Deputy head of the Mongolian Women’s Committee, Mrs. Khenmedeh B., in an article published in the newspaper “Today” dated to April 21, 2006, stated: “Udval S. was our business card in the international arena. Her acquaintances and friends included many famous personalities: Brazilian writer Jorge Amado, Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, Soviet writer Konstantin Simonov, first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, first president of the International Federation of Democratic Women Eugenie Cotton and many others. Mrs. Udval S. was awarded not only the highest awards of Mongolia, but also the “Gold Medal of Peace” named after Frederic Joliot-Curie, the award “Lotus” of the Writers’ Union of Asia and Africa. Along with the execution of social and political work she gave birth to one daughter and three sons. She is a wise mother”. Mrs. Khenmedekh B. also quotes from the words of Mrs. Udval S.: “With the support of the motherland, the people, good friends and colleagues, I spent quite a few difficult days. When I met with dozens of wise people, celebrities of the world, I had only one goal to convey to all about Mongolia. I have never tried to glorify myself ”. From these words it is clear what a modest person she was,” writes Mrs. Khenmedekh B.

After publishing an interview with her son, Unubaatar B., in a special issue of Mongolian Women magazine from December 2018, I had a question: “How did Mrs. Udval S. spend the last years of her life? How did she live?” Because Unubaatar B. did not hide that the time spent with his mother was too little for him. Writer Oyun S. recalled that one morning she met Mrs. Udval S., who was walking slowly. And her black service car was following her. Mrs. Udval S. told her that she was going to the house of her son Unubaatar. And, laughing happily, she said: “I don’t know whether they invite me or force me to work. I need to sit with his child”. Writer Oyun S. recalls that Mrs. Udval S., although she was a great leader, but, as a person, was a simple mother and grandmother. After these words, I had a question: “What was like her driver?” I called her son again. He told me: “In latest years, my mother was served by Osorjamaa B., the Honored driver of Mongolia, who was the driver of the Government car depot. Maybe she will share her memories of my mom”.


Thus, at 4 pm on February 21, 2019, in one of the central districts of Ulaanbaatar, I met with Mrs. Osorjamaa , the Honored Driver of Mongolia B. , and we had a discussion about the outstanding leader of 20th century, the “mother” of all women of Mongolia and the woman who was a strong pillar of the Mongolian writers.

She: “I got a direction to serve her when she worked at the Palace of Representatives of the National Convention. Our chief was a very simple person, sensible and calm, had no greed, always solved the problems of needy women. Once we went to the province and visited one family. Then I understood a lot. The wife of this family prepared a lamb shoulder for our chief. But  Mrs. Udval S. said: “Thank you. But give it to your husband. And I will eat small pieces”. So she made that woman and me understand that we need to respect the head of the family. Later, I told my daughter this story. Her mind, conscience and patience cannot be put into words. She did not wear gold or silver jewelry. An intelligent person decorates himself only with knowledge. I served many leaders. I am not sure that such a leader as Mrs. Udval S. will be born yet. I worked for about two years with her. At that time, she was appointed Head of the Veterans Committee. After a new appointment, she said to me: “Well, Osorjamaa, it happens in real life. The state loved me and spoiled me. But I was demoted. Time will show”. Then, during the Congress of International Writers in Mongolia, Mrs. Udval S. Told to a Soviet writer: “I was left without work, without anything. I do not know what mistake I made. I was left with only a pen”. One day she called me and said that she was going out of town. It was raining. When I arrived, she was standing under an umbrella on the street. She called me and pointed to a man who was standing nearby. The chief  told me: “I decided to live my old age with him. Although my children treat me well, but I feel lonely”. That man’s name was Dorj. Later, when Mrs. Udval S. Was sick, I came to her to bring milk for tea. Then Dorj was washing her clothes and trying to hang them straight. But because of his old age, his hands were powerless and the wet clothes were not completely twisted, and water was dripping down ... It was like in a movie ... Leader Udval S., as a woman, made me understand one thing. One day she asked me: “Jamaa, do you have any nightwear?” I replied: “I don’t have it. I have a small child. Therefore, I sometimes wear my husband’s shirt to make it comfortable for breastfeeding”. She replied and said: “Your husband in the office sits among women who smell of “Maybe” parfume. And when he comes home, you sit, not caring about yourself, and you don’t even wear nightwears”. I told my husband about this and followed his facial expressions. He replied: “My wife smells breast milk, which is much more fragrant and more pleasant than the “Maybe” perfume. Thus, through the words of Mrs. Udval S., I knew my husband. Then she took care of me, thought that suddenly my husband could leave me because I didn’t care about myself. Later, when she was sick, she did not want to appear weak to others. When I came to visit her, she did no let me go, but she called and told me to care about myself. Once she said: “For a woman public service is a difficult job. A man wants his wife to be close”. Now I think she lacked matrimonial care and warmth when she held senior positions. And in the last years of her life, Mr. Dorj was her spiritual partner. My chief, when she was alive, she treated the wife of her son Unubaatar very well. When she received a salary for her works, she went to the Special Services Center and ordered a white lamb fur coat. When she met Mongolian writers, she said: “Did you drink again? Take care of yourself”. She treated all people equally ... This is how Osorjamaa B. recalls her chief with tears in her eyes.

In the book “Memoirs”, published on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the formation of the Mongolian Women’s Federation, the above-mentioned Altantsetseg, Unubaatar’s wife, shared her memories. She wrote: “For the first time, I expressed myself as the wife of her eldest son, as her first daughter-in-law. Our mother was the pride of the Mongolian people, she was also a great mother-in-law. Her unusual attitude was manifested when my husband and I got acquainted, also when we got married. I met my future husband after finishing the fourth year of Leningrad State University, when I was on vacation outside the city in Terelj. Before going back to the university, I came to visit them to say goodbye. But she took our home phone number and immediately called. She talked to my father and said that she wanted Unubaatar to winter with us. When I was gone, Unubaatar really lived with our family all winter. So our mother hurried to marry us. After the wedding, like other newlyweds, we were busy with family cares, work, children. We asked  her when the child was sick or when problems arose. On holidays or at a time when she was on a business trip, I tried to help her around the house. But she said: “Your hands, your clothes will get dirty”. My mother-in-law is a very rare people. When she went abroad, she asked me to prepare her suitcase, and together we decided which shoes to wear under what bags. I willingly did this work. We were very close. When I studied in Moscow, she wrote me letters that began with the phrase: “My lovely, beautiful daughter-in-law ...”, and also sent postcards. At that time, I did not realize that she treated me well, that she loved me. NI had not enough mind to love her as she loved me. Probably, I delighted her only once. After retirement, she often felt lonely. We were busy and did not notice her loneliness. We only said: “Come and visit us”. One day mom said: “I feel lonely. All of you, of course, will take care of me if I come to live together. But I do not want to live in someone’s house. I need a person with whom I will share my thought, drink tea together. And I have such a person”. Behind this was hidden that she wants to get our permission. Then I was very sympathetic to her and tried to make myhusband and his brothers, sister understand her ... Until the very last moment, she and Dorj lived happily in an apartment with Russian furniture, which we bought for her. I had a rare destiny to live in one family with our mother Udval, learn a lot from this great person, experience the happiness and sorrow of human life, give birth to her descendants” - says her beloved daughter-in-law, Director of the Institute of International Relations of the Mongolian State University, Doctor of Science, Professor Altantsetseg N.

Mrs. Udval S. taught young writers: “ ... From my mouth, simple, direct words come out, as if the mother is writing to a child or a sister is writing to her younger brother or sister. But I can’t put a crown on you or lift you above heaven. People praise beloved person to the skies within himself, and outside praises to the ceiling. This is due to the fear that suddenly he will fly to heaven”. Such is the GREAT FATE of Mrs. Udval S. Next year marks 100 years since her birth. She is a brightly glowing peak in the distance, a prominent representative of the Mongolian aristocracy, who devoted her whole life to the development and enlightenment of Mongolia. In 1976 for her work “Changas and Zogsoo”, “Treasure of the Bulgan Steppe” she was awarded the prize of the Union of Mongolian Writers, in 1978 for the novel “Great Destiny” was awarded the state award.

Journalist, Editor Shurentsetseg Yu.

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