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Children... Having heard this word, first of all comes the thought of family happiness, the future of the country, the descendants of mankind. The child is a clean, bright and huge space. You feel a pure soul, you see big eyes without sadness, puffy cheeks, you hear a voice that always asks everything. All the light you feel from your children. All the sadness and fatigue passes instantly. It can be said that a child is a cure without medicine. In this issue of the magazine, we invited young parents who admire their children, who in their thirty years built a large family.

The head of the family Ganzorig S. /Zorigoo/, housewife D. Dorjsuren /Suugii/. Zorigoo has six children. The eldest son Bilguuntulga is in the fifth grade, the daughter Angelina is in the third grade, and the daughter Jessica is in the first grade. Alexandra and Jasmine go to kindergarten. And the youngest son Terguuntulga is ten months.

Journalist: When I was a student, one of my teachers once said that parents, upon seeing the future spouse of their child, would recognize him in advance. I understood the meaning of this phrase when I stopped visiting Zorigoo’s family and talked with them. The history of dating Zorigoo and Suugii is interesting. Twenty years ago, Ganzorig began to transport cargo across the border in the Zamyn-Uud border soum. At that time, before meeting his future wife, he became acquainted with the future mother-in-law. Mother Dorjsuren at that time was just starting a business selling building materials and buying building materials from China. Once she said to Ganzorig: “You are a good guy. You are kind. When you will come to Ulaanbaatar, make me a call”, and left him her phone number. After some time, Ganzorig, arriving in Ulaanbaatar, called the number, but the girl took the phone.

He asked: “Is it possible to talk to Aunt Chuulgan?”. In response, the girl said that her mother is on another phone number and gave her number. Thus began the story of a large family of Ganzorig.

Zorigoo: At that time, the goods were not imported by train, and two or three people united and hired a truck. They loaded a lorry with a trailer /40-50 tons/, and at the border we declared the cargo in our name, that is, we were engaged in the transportation of cargo across the border. Since 2000, construction began to develop rapidly. My father-in-law and mother-in-law are both engineers. My mother-in-law is one of the first to start building houses from sandwich panels. At that time, only laundries were built from sandwich panels. And she is one of those who proved that shops and service premises can be built from sandwich panels. She is a very hardworking person who focuses on the future. But, unfortunately, due to health problems, we lost her early.

When I met my mother-in-law, I was very young and was coming to the capital 1-2 times a year. I had a goal to start a family when I will have a house and a car. Once, arriving in the capital, I called the future mother-in-law, then one girl picked up the phone and gave me her mother’s number. After I hung up, I texted an SMS to that girl: “Keep loving your mom. Your mother is a brilliant woman”. The answer came: “Thank you. Got it”. Since then, we began texting. Before that, I had no girlfriends, and when that girl picked up the phone, I began to text with her. We was texting to each other during the year. Once I spent a whole week in the hospital “Achtan”, which was located next to the Medical College. When I told aunt that I was in the hospital, she handed over the fruit and food through her daughter. Her daughter came with a classmate and said that she is a second term student. She also said: “Uncle, get well soon!” Two years passed as we began to text with each other. I just could not sit if  do not text. The keys of the Nokia 3310 mobile phone seemed to be set up under my arm. During work, without even noticing, I always took the phone.

When you came to your wife’s house, was your mother-in-law alive? And how were you received?

Zorigoo: She was healthy. Of course, very well met and accepted me. When I came to the city and drove nearby this house, I always dreamed of having at least one-room apartment in this house. Once, when I was reading a newspaper, I saw an advertisement that an order for a house “Gangar” was being accepted, and the house would be commissioned in April. At that time, my wife was pregnant with our first child. When we moved to this apartment in the summer of 2008, my mother-in-law was not alive, and my father-in-law bought for us an electric stove and a Sony TV. My wife and I moved to a new house with only a mattress, we did not have more furniture. And today we have such a big family.

Suugii: My mom predetermined my fate. Moreover, she predetermined the best way. Today I have a good, caring husband and healthy children.

Do you plan to have more children in the future?

Suugii: We dream of having eight children. A woman’s youth is short. I plan to give birth to two more until the age of forty. My eldest son said he wanted two younger brothers. But I gave a birth to four daughters in a row. When I got pregnant the sixth time, my husband said that there is no difference between five and six children, we will still raise and feed them. When did the ultrasound, they said that the boy. At that moment I immediately began to cry. And so my younger son was born into this world.

The names of your girls attracted attention. Why did you give them foreign names?

Zorigoo: All people, before giving a name to a newborn, think about the meaning and symbol of the name. We also gave names according to this tradition. First, we wished our children to be world citizens, think globally and live in step with world development. Therefore, we called our four daughters: ANGELINA, JESSICA, ALEXANDRA and JASMINE. The two sons were called Bilguuntulga and Terguuntulga, symbolizing that they were a reliable support of the family.

Journalist: The value that is not given to everyone equally is the spouse. Having a good husband or wife opens the door to well-being. Zorigoo and Suugii are caring spouses. Zorigoo says that a wife should not only give a birth to children and stay at home. Moreover, she is also a dentist, if she stays at home for a long time, then her hands will be unlearned. Therefore, he supports his spouse in her work by the specialty. The owner of the family after the birth of older children still worked in the Zamyn-Uud soum. Suugii, having graduated from a medical university in June 2010, moved with two children to Zamyn-Uud soum. But in the summer she was offered to teach at “Ach” Medical University, which she graduated from. And she had a rare opportunity to teach future dentists.

Suugii: From childhood I dreamed of becoming a doctor, a teacher. My childhood dream came true in one day. After graduating from the Medical College, today’s Nurse School with the specialization “Dentist-Orthodontist”, I decided to study in China and studied in Tianjin for one year. But in the summer, my mother passed away due to a serious illness. And I left the dream of studying in China and in the fall entered the Medical University “Ach”. I studied for five years and became a dentist. After graduation I was working at the university as a teacher, and also worked in dental clinics and developed myself, my skills. Soon in 2014, my husband and I opened our private dental clinic “BAYANSAN DENT”, which was the beginning of my greatest dream. Now in our clinic there are 10 doctors and nurses. And the number of customers is increasing every year.

Having six children is not an easy job. Do your relatives help you in raising children?

Suugii: My husband and I follow the principle of not disturbing others. We do not want to ask our father or father-in-law to sit with our children. Once we decided to have children, we should raise the children by ourselves, without requiring help from relatives.

The only person who helped us most in raising our children is Lhagvasuren. She is like the eldest daughter to me. She is not related to us and not familiar. And just a girl who came from the province of Uvurkhangai and worked in a flour factory. Lhagwaa lived with us for 7 years. Later, I began to realize that the mother never leaves children, so my mother sent her to me.

Zorigoo: “Ach” Medical University is an excellent and prosperous organization. My wife gave birth to two older children when she studied at this university, and the younger four already when she taught. Teachers and colleagues of the medical university “Ach”, founded by the National doctor, Academician Baasanjav N., is the source of our life. We also want to thank and express our deep appreciation to the staff of the Maxillofacial Dentistry sector headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Norovpil Ts.

Journalist: It is amazing that the eldest son of Bilguuntulga helps parents around the house. A 10-year-old boy, together with his two younger sisters, take care of his brothers and sisters after school hours, as well as prepare dishes for a week. Bilguuntulga dreams that mother gives birth to younger little brothers.

Suugii: Some ask that we have a lot of children and whether we want to buy a big house. We never thought to buy a big house or buy a new car. I love this apartment because my husband’s hard work was invested in it. The greatest happiness and value is to sit with our whole family in our two-room apartment. We have a car that takes us to the right place, and there is a warm apartment. Therefore, we live happily. We do not want to become rich or buy a new big house. It may seem like a lie to some people. But my main goal in life is to raise children well, so that they would not lie, would not steal, would not be two-faced, and give them a good education and family education. At home we also strive to be the same. For example, we do not want to say bad things about a person who is shown on TV. We teach in detail that a man must not discuss people and their clothes. When I was little, my parents did not directly tell me about it, but showed by their behavior. And now we are teaching children about everything in detail.

Recently, we stopped going to visit. We are eight. And it is hard to go together. While dressing, the first are already beginning to feel hot. Two months before visiting guests, we teach children how to behave in guests. For example: you can not get enough candy from the table, you need to behave, etc.

Our sincere goal is to ensure that our six children successfully complete the Plekhanov’s school, as well as educate future Mongolian citizens who will glorify Mongolia throughout the world. In this, not only the role of the school is important, but also the participation of parents is important too. We want our children to be friendly, to transfer each other good energy. We do not want our children to become a director, or a celebrity. Our dream will come true, if when one of them is sick, then the other is ready to resort to it for help and support.

Zorigoo: Children need to be given not only a good education, but also it is important to teach them how to communicate with others correctly. If older brothers and sisters will have the quality of a leader, younger ones will also learn from them. We became proud of our children.

Nowadays, people most often interested in the American and Chinese education systems. And why did you choose Russian culture and Russian education?

Suugii: When I was little, one day my mother took me to visit a Russian woman who lived with her son in Mongolia. That day I saw Russian life for the first time and heard Russian for the first time. I began to spend more time with the son of a Russian teacher, I began to learn Russian. That Russian woman made a big impact on me. Since then, I began to love Russian culture.

Zorigoo: In 1993-1997, during the formation of a market economy, I lived with two sisters in Moscow and was engaged in petty trade. After four years, I began to love Russian culture. I want my children to learn the kindness and generosity of the Russian people. The Mongols have a good mental potential. My children must speak 2-3 foreign languages so that after ten years they could understand and work without a translator.

Journalist: The mother of six children, charged with positive energy, and she also is a stylish woman. She was stylish since childhood. When other children were interested in the white thing, she loved to wear red or blue. She says that when she started teaching at the university and working as a dentist, she had to give up colorful clothes, but her inner person always demanded a  style decision.

Suugii: Our family is called stylish. I even try to look stylish when I am pregnant. The strength and positive energy with which I easily overcome any difficulties, give me colleagues of the club under the guidance of coach Enkhzul B. The teacher, facing hundreds of students, should look good. But only the appearance does not change the person, so the person must always glow from the inside. I try to be polite and kind to ask a student who doesn’t care what happened to him.

Tsagaan Sar, the New Year by the lunar calendar, is coming soon. Does your family celebrate Tsagaan Sar?

Suugii: We quite widely celebrate Tsagaan Sar as elderly people. Since childhood, we used to celebrate with grandfather and grandmother. My husband, too, from childhood widely celebrated Tsagaan Sar with his parents. We prepare meals and gifts for guests. At first, we laid a sheep-tail on the holiday table, but then we read about the tradition somewhere and began to lay the cow brisket with a spatula, four large ribs. Tsagaan Sar is a wonderful holiday that determines well-being in the upcoming new year. With the advent of six children, we began to try to inherit the Mongolian life and tradition. We want our children to celebrate Tsagaan Sar extensively too. I have been teaching at the university for more than ten years. Therefore, my students also come to visit. After the opening of the clinic, our doctors also began to come to visit. When people are respectful, we also have to treat others with respect. My mother always said that you need to give gifts to guests so that they would turn their hands, palm up. She was sensible, maybe she knew she would leave us early. And now I love to give presents.

Zorigoo: I grew up in a family of eight children. My mother always told us that sons should always set the table for the holidays regardless of whether guests come or not. Therefore, after we got married, we celebrate Tsagaan Sar every year. My mother herself was preparing national flour products, called “heviin boov”. The well-being of the coming year was determined precisely by the color and appearance of the “heviin boov”. My mother’s name was Bunia. She was a cook. Therefore, she always cooked good and tasty. I am very glad that I continue the hospitality of my parents.

Suugii: It will seem joyful to my children if their parents, that is, us, others will remember how hospitable, kind people were, and not how rich they were. I try to live in such a way that it would not be a shame to meet someone later. There is a saying: “It is better to break a bone than your name”. If we do not try, then the name of our parents will be broken. Therefore, we must try for the sake of our parents, who raised us as healthy people. But you must not pretend, you have to be yourself. I believe in what a person wants and desires, it always comes true.

Journalist: Dorjsuren is a smart woman who has given birth to six children, and still has time to teach at the university and work as a dentist at the same time. She says: “Man, when he comes to this world, his fate is already predetermined in advance. If you follow that path of fate, then life itself is getting better.” To the question “You are still young. But why did you decide to have many children?” she replies as follows.

Suugii: A man who has many children lives like a dog, but dies like a king. A person who has an only child lives like a king, and dies like a dog. I love this phrase. Nowhere is there more happiness than having children and being proud of them. No matter how tired I am, when I come home and see children, all tiredness passes instantly. I never say I can’t. I tell myself that I can do everything. After childbirth, immediately proceed to work. When I gave birth to the youngest son, the first day was at home. But on the second day they called from the clinic and said that a tooth had broken. And I had to go to the clinic. I have a wonderful husband, so courtship and raising children, as well as work, does not seem like a burden to me.

After birth, you need to take care of yourself. And you say that the next day went to work.

Suugii: I don’t care for myself very much after giving birth. My mother died early. Therefore, there were no conditions to follow much postpartum care. And since childhood I have such a character that I do not like to be weak. I do what I can.

Of course, there are disputes in the family. Who is the first to make concessions?

Suugii: My husband always makes concessions. Now, even if I am not right, I still say that he is wrong /laughs/. The first years we often had disputes. But now we do not have. There is no reason. Our worldview has become one. Sometimes there are disagreements, of course, then we try to solve it wisely. We can not quarrel in front of children. We are parents, I am also a teacher. We also follow one principle: we don’t like to give our guests an alcohol. In the eyes of children, we do not want to give guests an alcohol. I do not want to meet people with whom energy does not coincide.

Zorigoo: I try to be sensible and understand my wife. My wife sometimes makes harsh decisions. I accept those that can be accepted, and about those with which it is impossible to agree, I express with words and eyes. Then my wife understands everything.

Today, the use of electronic equipment is quite widespread. This is probably one of the problems for a family with six children. How do you solve it?

Suugii: We do not completely ban. We try to solve reasonably. For example, we say that if someone uses a smartphone for a long time, then we will give him an injection. But in the 21st century it is impossible to be completely far from electronic technology. In connection with the activities of the clinic, in connection with the work I need to use Facebook. The hostess should clean the bathroom before going to bed, wash the dishes. According to this principle, if you go on Facebook, you should get the necessary information. Therefore, we solve this issue according to this principle. You can not become addicted. The difference in the age of our children is small, they grow together, so we prefer to have dinner at the same table in the evening, discussing the events of the day.

We do not completely prohibit this or that food. We give in abundance carbonated drinks, sweets. But, of course, there is a norm and standard. It is impossible for six children to forbid everything. If we prohibit, they will not sit, they will try to grab soda and sweets from the table when they will stay in a guest. Therefore, we try to give them and allow everything, but it must have a measure.

People say that the beauty of a woman depends on her husband. How do you understand the concept of a husband? Please tell us about your husband.

Suugii: I want to say that he is the greatest gift I have received in my life. After the birth of each child, every time I want to give birth to more children. My father-in-law and mother-in-law were wonderful people. Now I feel from my husband their good qualities. Therefore, I want such kindly people to have more descendants. And proud of my husband.

Zorigoo: I am very proud of my wife. She gave the birth to my six children. And with the golden hands she builds our life together. Therefore, I try to give her the opportunity to work. I love in my wife the character how she do everything with all her soul. Four years ago, we planned to open a “BAYANSAN DENT” dental clinic on a sheet of paper. Four years later, we opened our clinic, clients come and want to be treated by the doctor Dorjsuren. My wife, in order to become a doctor, considering a magistracy, spent a full twelve years. Now she is studying in the doctorate. Therefore, I am very proud of my wife. And I try to provide her more opportunities.

I also want to thank our beloved parents, relatives, friends and colleagues. Their help and support is great. Thanks to them, our family is filled with happiness.

Journalist: At six in the morning, a new day of the Ganzorig’s family begins. In the evening at nine o’clock the children go to bed. But two daughters who go to kindergarten, remain. They sleep in kindergarten during the day, so sometimes they do not allow parents to sleep until midnight.


Journalist, Editor Bolortuya Kh.

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