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“In this world there are people who live in the flow of life, but there are people who build their castles of life, not looking at any difficulties, but becoming strong at every difficulty.

Each person in his soul plans and see his life in advance. Life path is diverse. And whoever follows the path of his dream, he will certainly reach his goal and build his castle of life.

This is the castle of life, built on the years you have passed, struggle and victory, happiness and sorrow, smile and tears, hope and faith. Each castle has its own history, its own secrets ...”

Journalist: In today’s rapidly developing world of electronic communications for many years I have on Facebook a friend who is optimistic, and who can express in the social network his viewpoint in conformity with the truth and reality. We have never met each other before. But his maturity, viewpoint, and expressions were often right, so he was already in the list of my dearest friends on social network. But I still did not know him completely and we were just online friends. One day he posted on his social page the photo with the description “I will love this woman until the end, which did not leave me”.

Since that moment I had a thought what kind of person he is, and what kind of person is that woman who loved him, who made him to express his feelings sincerely.

Thereafter while I was studying my guest I accepted that even his body is not full, he is a full-hearted and valiant man, determined and responsible husband, good dad, a fighter who loves the life and a winner. So we present to you the portrait of a simple citizen under the name “THE CASTLE OF LIFE”, which contains his past years, struggle and victory, happiness and sorrow.

Guest: Thank you for having me. I spent my childhood in Chuluunkhoroot soum of Dornod province, border port of Mongolia and Russia, on the banks of Ulz river. This country is mentioned in the poem of Nyamsuren Danzan “It is beautiful while raining in Ereen Tsav, It is good to live in four season”. My parents both were working in the farm. Father was a tractor driver; mother was a key instruments treasurer. At that time, the schools taught Russian. From the fourth grade I read Russian student book “Raduga” and up to 7-8th grade studied well. I am the first child in the family and was born in grandparent’s house, thus I helped my grandmother a lot. At that time, children were not indulged in sweets, but indulged in work. In general, the life of a person depends on how the mother and father raised the child. I personally think that my upbringing helped me through many difficulties and become today’s me.

Journalist: Today, I also like you readers meet him for the first time, so I have a lot of questions and a wide circle of conversations. When I asked him what had an influence for setting up his viewpoint, attitude, and the formation he answered without any doubt that is “book”. Also he answered that he get a lot experience from life and his grandma’s lessons had a huge impact, and from book he found out what is the human soul.

Guest: When I was child I read a lot of books. First time in the second grade I read a fairy tale “Thumbelina” of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. After that I read “Karlsson-on-the-Roof” and started reading books for adults. I read all the world masterpieces of that time and the classics. The story of Maxim Gorky “The University of Life” cultivated the person a lot and gave the soul to love others. My world is tightly connected with books; I got the treasure from it and kept in my brain. When I was a kid, I wrote a poem too. I was participating in festival “Crystal Cup” and “Bronze Gravel” of our province. I knew other poets of that time. In 1990 while was participating in the festival “Bronze Gravel” of the city I settled at home of writer Mend-Ooyo G. He said that he would send me after graduating from high school for entering and studying at a Maxim Gorky Literature Institute of Russia. That year only one direction came and the cost of education was MNT 16,000. I had not that much money and my dream was not fulfilled. At that time the cost of national universities was MNT 8,000.

Journalist: The average salary of the employee in 1990 was MNT 1000. The head of the farm was paid a maximum of MNT 2000. Enrolling and studying at the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute exceed the actual situation and he preferred to serve in a military service instead of studying in the Teacher’s Institute.

Guest: I had no interest to enter the Teacher’s Institute. I decided to serve in a military service. The pride of a man is to serve and complete the military service. On June 21 of that year I took the entrance exam to university and on June 24 I went to serve in a military service. There were about 20 cars to deliver boys who passed the exam for serving in a military service. My father escorted me to military service. I was wearing my father’s hat and when I heard the march “Farewell of Slavianka” I felt like I was going to war. And I was sent to Erdenetsagaan of Sukhbaatar province. When I got into quarantine felt what I had never seen. The military food was different. At that time everything was rare and in army’s kitchen they cut horse’s belly and prepared soup thickened with flour. The march runs were around 12 km on one side. But soldiers had stomachaches and couldn’t run the march. The best thing of army’s life is a great memory of serving with many other guys.

Journalist: I remember that when local brothers was going to military service, they left their girlfriends. When brothers were singing loud and leaving, then many sisters were shouting to them “I will write a letter”. Did the girl who was waiting for you write love  letters to you?

Guest: Only girls of our class were writing letters. They wrote about at which university they enrolled or got pregnant, and many other things. And I was writing to them “I have eaten a soup thickened with flour and horse’s belly”. Until now, they laugh at me because of this letter. In the army we were eating soups with fritter and many other unusual food. Although the political situation in the country was difficult, it was not so difficult that the soldiers died due to lack of food. But the soldiers were dying because of their thinness. One day, a girl came to me. Now she is a famous journalist. She also came with her parents. We studied with her brother together, we met each other when she came to our country to see her relatives. When she arrived, I took a vacation, made a ward. Oh my god... Her mother was a driver of an ambulance and that time had a car “Komby-24”. Her mother made a bed in the back seat of the car. But I did not sleep there. In general, I do not like to offend a woman. Physically and morally I do not like to offend. So I returned to the barracks that night. She also understood my attitude. In the morning we met, and they went back.

Journalist: The young man, who was always afraid to offend a woman, returning home after serving in the army, did not want to live on his parents’ money, and decided to engage in trade and find a way to self-earn. After some time, he, who loved poetry, found work in the province in this area. When video cinema began to replace screen art, he left this work and began to engage in trade in the market. Leaving his father’s house, he rented an apartment. At that time, when he started to build his own “Castle of Life” he met a choice between pride, passion, emotion, excitement of young people and responcibility to demonstrate the value of consciousness, commitment, and curiosity.

Guest: When I started living separately, I lived compactly. Soon I started to go to Russia and trade with groundhog hides, muskrat hats, changed them for gas. Although I earned well, but I was young, so I spent money on fun. At that time, all trade was profit. If at that time I were concerned with today’s mind, things would be different. Then I started working in the cinema “Bayantal” of Dornod province. Showed widescreen movies, but no one watched... The human life is very interesting, because around there is many choices. But a man does not understand what he is seeking. Everything is self-fulfilling. When I was selling skins on the market, I met my wife. She had two daughters. One was three years old, the other was five years old. When the big daughter resisted me and said, why she brought him, it was very difficult. For others my marriage with the older woman who has two children was like a spectacle. But time had shown everything. And now everyone calls me a good son-in-law. This life is my choice. When I was three years old, my father left us. I grew up with two siblings, a mother and a grandmother. Although we had everything, but the space for father was empty. And I realized that what difficulties a woman experiences in life. And this thought pushed me to get married.

Journalist: Thus, the Batsaikhan’s family was added to Mongolia. The family became full and worked hard for a decent life, and at that time there was an addition to the family. But unfortunately the newborn twins died. We asked a father who realized that he needed to love children, not distinguishing that they were native or strangers, how his children treat him today.

Guest: One of my older friend told me that if I love a child, they will love me too. Therefore, it is better to love the child than to punish or criticize. In life, I followed that word. I learned that love creates this life. Now my girls say they will marry a man like dad. And the youngest daughter says she will marry me. We adopted our younger daughter from our eldest daughter.

Journalist: When I study a guest, in order to clarify his interests, work, skills, world outlook, I had to contact with his closest people. Therefore, I contacted his two friends. One said that I chose the right person and gave me a video and a letter. He also said that he is a very open person, and wished me luck. And if you imagine that I am your eyes, then in front of me sits and smiles a man full of soul, although disabled. His youth full of interest and love for poetry has been left behind. He is now the head of the family, responsible to three women. Although he does not have a diploma of higher education, but life school has taught him enough, and he faced difficult years.

Guest: In 1996, the mine Marday of Dornod province collapsed, and I participated in the work on the category of high voltage, where met some people. Since that I began to work in this direction. When I was engaged in trade in raw materials I lost MNT 7 million from MNT 12 million and went to Darkhan city with a friend. At that time, the country’s economy was bad, the supply was not as good as today. And we paid the company “Zarubezhstroy” a certain amount of money and in return received copper and much more. All that we sold to one Chinese and paid off the debt. After that, I began to deal with the supply in the energy sector. I learned what electricity is and became a professional in this field. Working in this area, I gave two hands to this work. But I worked well in this area. Even after losing two hands, did a lot. Thus built my life.

Journalist: He was full of confidence to live, although lost two hands, but no one could believe him. He walked through the hospitals, their family with young children were even driven out of a rented apartment. But the worst was to lose his father who taught him life. Our conversation now will be about those black days.

Guest: I began to work at the substation of a silicate brick factory. An act was signed that the period for a year and 6 months had expired in accordance with the law on energy. The owner sold me, gave the act. I thought that everything was done according to the law and did not put that act in my pocket. Once in the winter, in the early morning, I went there. When the door was opened there was disconnected 6000 W cable. I thought nothing. When I woke up there was a strong smell of burnout, I could not breathe, as if something heavy fell on my chest. My hands with leather gloves swelled, some fingers were turned into ashes and was falling on my face.

At that time, I had hope that I would stay with my fingers. My friend Munkhbat, director of the National Center for Traumatology, called from Ulaanbaatar and said to come for treatment at the hospital. When I arrived on the plane, the bleeding immediately began. That year was the most difficult for me. After I lost my arms, my father died. The eldest daughter entered the university. In order to pay for my eldest daughter’s studies, I had to rely only on my brain and mind. When I was in fifth grade, my mother got married. I really respect my stepfather, he taught me how to live. A man understands the mind and soul of his father, only becoming a father. Being a father is a rare and responsible role.

Journalist: We also talked about what he understood when he stood on the verge of life and death. The love of life came to him at a great price.

Guest: When I laid breathing through the oxygen apparatus, I realized how deeply a person loves life and does not want to leave it. I felt as if some power had chosen me and made me so. When I heard the buzzing fly, which flew in the intensive care room, I was very jealous of him. On ordinary days, this buzz does not seem so favorable. But at that moment it seemed to be the song of life. So I understood how a person deeply loves life. It was very difficult, as if the whole universe had turned upside down. It is seemed like I am in sleep. There were many such days. When there were no hands, in a dream I saw myself healthy. And when I woke up, that feeling was scary. And this feeling put pressure on the psyche. In the early days did not know how to wash. Some time was very difficult.

Journalist: It is said that if a soul dies away when it encounters difficulties, then there will never be happiness. But this family was able to become the master of its responsibility to other family members, therefore, it was able to survive all the difficulties. In those difficult days, our guest felt and recognized another character of his wife. He shares memories of this.

Guest: My wife is very hardworking. She always does everything for others. When I got married, I did not recognize her this character fully. Obviously, when I was good and rich, I had many friends. But at that time I realized that I could not rely on friends. A Kazakh sage described a friend as “A shadow that traces on sunny days. The sun that cannot be found on dark days”. And it was true. Therefore, a person must hope in difficult moments only for himself. The greatest test of a person is to survive those difficult moments. Each test has its own duration. The most important thing is to survive it. That is, a person must be patient, patience requires change from a person. You need to change and treat your psyche, so you can survive. I never thought I would be like that. That day, too, did not think what could happen to me in a minute. But the phrase “There is no today for the dead man of yesterday” is the meaning of giving thanks to my fate. This life is the meaning of what I am alive.

Journalist: When at one moment a healthy male lost his organs, his friends turned away from him, he said, there was an early thought about suicide.

Guest: At that time I had the idea of dying than living as such. But I did not think that I live badly. It was just because of male pride that such an idea arose. People who were ready to lick the sole came to me one day and humiliated me. I really wanted to die at that time. It was the greatest humiliation; a man cannot tolerate such humiliation. But I thought that if I die before my mother, it would be the biggest sin. She gave birth and brought me up with all her strength, and it is simply impossible to survive my death. My mother called me as soon as I woke up after resuscitation. She asked “Oh, my son, amputated?”. And when I answered “Amputated,” her voice just disappeared. At that time, I told my mom “Calm down. If your son had died then we would not be able to talk on the phone now. Although your son has become disabled, you can see me”. But this word has restored her soul. Of course, for every mother is hard to hear this things from her child. /His tears rolled, and his voice cracked/. When she came to the hospital, she looked at my hands. She said “Oh, my son, how is it so” and turned away. At that time I felt her heartache. There is a connection between mother and child. If I was an egoist, I could die. But what will my children think? My father desperate to raise us? What will my wife think? That her husband failed to fulfill the promise of living together? If a man has given word, he must fulfill. I chose to be responsible to them. This is a promise. I do not like people who do not keep their word.

Journalist: When I asked him about the first difficulties that he encountered after discharge from the hospital...

Guest: I could not shave, go to the toilet, wash. From these little things started a big problem. Wife helped in everything. But I wanted to do everything myself. When I was alone at home, I could not move anything. Could not smoke. Then opened the door and was waitng for someone to pass. After a while I learned to brush my teeth, to shave. I was very glad. And it inspired me. Soon I was able to wear clothes with a rubber band, button, belt. Man always advances his success.

Journalist: In difficult times, a person shows his negative character only to closest people. Having been born healthy like me, and like you, this man had two hands amputated to the elbows one day. But he had hope and the desire to learn how to do everything with his amputee hands. With every unsuccessful attempt, it became unbearable. And there were cases when he spoke his wife harsh words.

Guest: Due to difficulties, I spoke my wife many harsh words. The psyche of the patient leaves him without control. At that time, hidden inside atrocious character is waking up. Every time I noticed this and asked for forgiveness. Fortunately, there was a person next to me who understood that I really was not. But my wife also experienced a lot. I realized that alcohol does not heal wounds. My wife was offended and left me for three months. At this time I started drinking and stopped being myself. There were many friends who drank together. They brought vodka every time. There were times when I had all the dirt on the street. After that, I shaved and ironed my clothes. But drank again. I thought how much I dedicated to build a life ... One day my wife returned.

Journalist: About social relations when he was healthy and after he lost his hands ... The only power that made him not to be offended to anything and to move ahead and live on was male power of will, hard struggle and responsibility to others.

Guest: I traveled and worked everywhere to live. After that, I decided to show people who felt sorry for me, who thought that I could not do anything. One of my friends from Selenge province said: “I can not believe that you live like this.” Although I lost my hands, I had a brain and a mind, and at that time I was already receiving the proceeds from the business and began to invest in my life. That is, I entered the second stage of my life target program. The world in terms of technology is developing rapidly. Most importantly, a person must adapt to this change and change himself. I could say that I am conservative and ask the young. But I did not want to be lazy. The most important thing is to feel where the opportunity is. In any case, once a person is the head of the family, he must earn money for the needs of the family. A man should not break.

Journalist: Perhaps you think what he does now. It is said that an optimistic person is rewarded by God. His conversation makes us realize that a person should not wait for happiness from the outside.

Guest: There are several high voltage, energy, information technology, construction companies. I transmit information through the Internet and telephone. Mainly focusing on market research and international relations. In fact, after the amputation of hands, I received a benefit in the amount of 5,000 MNT per month. The family will not be able to live on this money. If I do not work for myself, no one will help and nothing will fall out of the sky. I understand this very well, so every day I strive to move forward.

Journalist: To catch up with technological development, he experienced brain work, and also always looked for the most painless way. When I asked does he feel pain, every time he presses a computer key or a mobile phone button ...

Guest: After a while I feel pain. But it depends on how I hold the chopstick. Wearing a glove and holding a wand is much more convenient. When my hands were amputated, my friends left nervines and told me to acquire an artificial hand. Therefore, I feel pain. But I got used to this pain and no longer feel much. But, you see, I type quick ... /He laughed/ Life itself is a struggle. At first I pressed the buttons with a spoon, then with my hand, and now I take care of the bones and use the chopstick. For the first time it was very difficult to properly push the buttons ... I love to talk, share my opinions with others. Therefore, a person devotes time and patience to his favorite things.

Journalist: When a person is healthy he does not understand how rich he is... I am sure that this word of our guest will make you readers understand how rich and full life is. He proudly told us about the work done after the amputation of the hands.

Guest: Good friends, brothers helped me. I am very grateful to them. But first of all I am very happy with myself. When we were engaged in connecting electricity to the Coca Cola plant of MCS, I myself put together a team and gave instructions. At that time, the tross broke, and the three-ton weight fell on my legs. But the next day I came to work in plaster. It was the biggest job I did after amputation of the arms. Before that, I had never had so much confidence. And I had a hope that I can continue to live on a par with healthy people. This was the biggest victory over myself.

Journalist: Caring for the sick husband, devoting all the time and attention to the husband and children, being outside of any social relations. Every woman does not dream of such a life. His wife took care of him every day. But one day from wife’s eyes, he realized that she was upset and said, “Get a job. Go meet friends. I can spend one day at home”. Who remains in the happy and difficult times. I want to evaluate this through his life experience.

Guest: The most important thing in a person’s life is his chosen path or family. Only the wife stays close for every moment. For a man, a wife in his youth is an adornment, in middle age she is a friend, a shelter, and in old age she is a groom. When I think about my wife, I understand how difficult it is to care for the sick, I understand that she is mentally tired. A tired man looks dull. And when she enters the team, she became happy. My wife and I talk about everything. We tell our daughters that when they marry, we will not argue whether they are rich or poor. His condition is not the main thing. The most important thing is the struggle and the desire to live. If due to laziness he cannot work, then it is the fault of this person. And if there are problems related to personal life, then dad will come and “arrange a war”. My daughters love daddy a lot. In order for children to love you, you must first love them.

Journalist: He still remembers and follows the phrase that he taught in the third grade. To understand the meaning of this phrase helped the life he lived.

Guest: Since childhood, I understood the meaning of the phrase of a famous teacher Sukhomlinsky: “For a person, the most important thing is a person”. But after the accident, I began to understand this phrase more. The Mongols have one bad temper to push another, who doesn’t doing well. I did not encounter this, so my family is valuable to me. On the verge of a bad things person realizes that he must live correctly, must go together in this life, holding hands. Looking back at my life, I believe that I live well, although there were difficult moments. I used to be poor. I collected cans, bottles. When I was under treatment at hospital, my wife and I sent the children to our parents, and we ourselves collected empty cans and bottles in the early morning. We sold them and bought 500 grams of yogurt. This was our lunch. But today I live a different life. The most important thing is I built this life with my own hands, with my soul. And I am proud of it. Sometimes I brag. But all this was formed in me only through love for others. Every person should not lose faith in any difficulties and leave the soul empty. Today a person who could change is more successful rather then who can survive. In the future, I dream to move to the province, where I grew up, and create an enterprise for planting trees and just relax. Now I have more 10 years to work effectively.


Journalist, Editor Shurentsetseg Yu.

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